Sterling silver tigereye necklace

Tigereye gemstone necklace

This beautiful brown gemstone necklace is made with oval brown earth tone color Tiger eye pendant and round Tiger eye beads. It is held up by a sterling silver chain.

This necklace measures approximately 20 inches.

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Lovely turquoise necklace

I just love this necklace.  It is a lovely piece of jewelry.  Add this to your collection today!

Turquoise blue agate stone sterling silver necklace  This turquoise blue agate pendant hangs from sterling silver chain. The stone is very pretty and has different colors in it but turquoise is the main color. The chain measures approximately 20 inches.


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925 Sterling Silver Jasper Fossil Gemstone Necklace

925 Sterling Silver Jasper Fossil Gemstone Necklace


The attractive jasper fossil gemstone hangs from 925 sterling silver chain.  This necklace is must have in any woman’s collection of great jewelry.  The true and natural beauty of this jasper fossil gemstone cannot be truly reflected in a picture.  Own it today.

This stunning necklace measures approximately 18 inches.